• Three drag races between a Lamborghini Urus and Ferrari 458 Speciale

      Two very different vehicles here but it is definitely fun to see them run. Especially considering you get independent 1/4 mile numbers for them which are far closer to reality. The 458 Speciale in particular puts down numbers much different than what you see in magazines.

      The engine in the Ferrari is incredible but it is naturally aspirated and it does lack torque. That means you need a bit of RPM off the line for a good launch but the car just does not get traction with higher rpm launches on street rubber.

      60 foot times over 2.X simply stink. For the 458 Speciale to show what it can do on the strip it needs drag rubber and a nice burnout to get that rubber hot and sticky. These races are only close due to the poor 458 launches.

      Still, it traps 122-123 which is solid but makes you wonder how 991.2 GT3's are getting higher trap speeds when the 458 Speciale has a 9k rpm 4.5 liter V8 rated at 600 horsepower.

      The Urus thanks to all wheel drive, a twin turbo V8, and an automatic can just torque boost off the line. It shows as it takes off well in the first run and the 458 has to run it down after it opens up a decent lead.

      Obviously the SUV is easier to launch. We see a best of of 1.725 60 foot from it (right lane):

      11's stock is not bad for the Urus but the 115-116 basically has it close to the X5M which is far cheaper. It also seems to be about even with a Trackhawk or may be just a smidge faster.

      The Urus is underrated making quite a bit of torque and definitely a challenge off the line but it is not quite as fast as expected.

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