• Drag race between the McLaren 600LT and Ferrari 488 Pista

      Beggars can't be choosers when it comes to independent 488 Ferrari content. This drag race is interesting as the 488 Pista goes up against the McLaren 600LT but unfortunately it is done on a dusty tarmac which is hardly an ideal launch surface.

      You want some heat into the rubber and a sticky surface or you might as well roll race them.

      The first run between the two is misleading the McLaren appears to bog and the Pista takes off. Botched run.

      The second run offers a better start for both although you still see the cars get squirrely. The Pista ultimately pulls ahead.

      Finally there is a rolling run. The 600LT comes out ahead which seems odd based on race 2.

      What would clear this all up is if some timing data was included but it isn't so this is amateur hour stuff. Still, great to see these two go at it just unfortunate it was not done in a better manner.

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        nbrigdan -
        Ugliest spec Pista around? My eyes are seared. No way a 600LT should pull a Pista from a roll though...because otherwise it would be running with 720S' and we know that's not the case.