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Stage 1: No modifications (DCI Suggested) UP TO 360WHP 400WTQ
Stage 1.5: Charge Pipe Upgrade, Intakes (FMIC Suggested) UP TO 400WHP 430WTQ
Stage 2: Downpipes and FMIC Upgrade UP TO 430WHP 460WTQ
Stage 3: Full Bolt Ons + Inlets UP TO 450WHP 500WTQ

*For Ethanol mixtures above E40 Stage 2 Low pressure Fuel pump upgrade needed.
*Flex Fuel: MHD FlexFuel Module, Motive Flex Fuel box and ECA (Ethanol content analyzer) needed
*Hybrid Twins: Same as Stage 3 + Stage 2 LPFP
*Single Turbo Base Maps: All supporting mods, Stage 2 pump, MBC(Manual boost controller).
*Hybrid Twins and Single Turbo maps are set at 20-21psi. Power and Tq output will depend on octane and turbo size used.
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    Where is the map?
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    Where is the map?
    Working on resolving this. Need to set some time with @Dean@RFP to figure out what is going wrong.

    Promise to have this fixed ASAP.
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    For now you can download the maps on
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